Why Look + Listen = Learn

The title of my blog refers to what I learn by watching and listening to kids. I am amazed at the knowledge I gain by keenly observing and reflecting on what I hear and see while interacting with children, in and out of school. When I take the time to look and listen, I learn to be a better teacher.


  1. I wanted to pin your blog with the number places styro cups on Pinterest, but it won't let me use that picture. Any idea why?

  2. After getting your comment, I looked into it and Pinterest wouldn't find the images for me either. I determined size might be an issue, so I made them bigger, and now the nested cups show up. This doesn't make any sense, though, because others have pinned them the way they were. Also, be sure you click on the title of the specific blog post and pin that page. Otherwise it will pin the main blog page, which will eventually contain new posts. Let me know if you still have a problem. Thanks for commenting!