Math Resources

Place Value Styrofoam Cups - Free download at Teachers Pay Teachers

Hundred Chart - Money - Free download at Teachers Pay Teachers

Multiplication Fact Practice - I created this to help students use number sense to learn multiplication facts. I printed one page on each side of card stock and laminated it. A wet erase marker works best to avoid smearing.

Hundred Chart for Multiplication - I created this chart to show all the possible products when multiplying the numbers 1 through 10. I laminated it so students could use a wet erase marker to fill in all of the facts they know. It can also be used as a math game for two using two different colors of wet erase markers, and two 10-sided dice or 2 sets of playing cards with the face cards removed. It is amazing to me that there are only 42 possible answers and half of them are either one-digit numbers or multiples of ten.

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